Positioned for Purpose

Broker Kristen Byrd
"Your purpose in life is usually tied to your greatest struggle." - Margaret Green

My mentor and I would have countless conversations about me finding my purpose. For a long time I would say I just want to know what I’m called to do, looking for her to give me some direction on how to figure it out. And for the longest time, she would always respond "focus on the gift giver instead of the gift." The first couple of times she said that I reminded myself to focus on God and who he was and what type of character he wanted to develop in me. But as time went on and I mean years she kept saying the same thing. I started to get frustrated and say things like I know that but what else can I do. She would add in write things down and pray for guidance but would still end with "focus on the gift giver and not the gift." I eventually gave up and stopped asking, which was the whole goal I guess lol.

Once I stopped asking it allowed me to focus more on becoming a better woman of God. And do you know what? A short time after that in a random conversation we started talking about purpose and she says, “Your purpose in life is usually tied to your biggest struggle. And what’s yours?" She asked. I stared at her waiting for her to impart the wisdom I had been waiting on for over 5 years. She finally said it. “Finances!” On one hand, I was like oh yeah; wanting to shrug my shoulders because I definitely knew that but on the other hand, I was like hmmm 🤔. Truly wondering how it could all turn around for my good and God’s glory. I had absolutely no clue, and our conversation didn’t go much further than that.

Not too long after that, I received a prophetic word that I would teach people about how to build wealth! Believe what you want about prophecy and prophetic words but four years after and 2 businesses later I am doing exactly that. But how, how did a broke, newly married, bad credit having, shopaholic get to the point where she could teach people about money and how they could start building wealth? Positioning!!!!!

My struggle was and is still extremely hard. I mean we were really broke!!! I mean we aren’t by any means rich or wealthy yet but we are in the building stages and definitely aren’t where we used to be and I have to constantly renew my mind because how society conditioned me to think about money tries to slowly creep back in sometimes. But because my situation was sooooo bad it made me open my heart and mind to start asking God for wisdom. The Lord led me to information and events that imparted the knowledge that started my wealth journey.

The catalyst for the journey outside of God and mentorship was the positioning that I was in. From what I learned I quickly realized I was not in a position to receive the wealth that I was called to have. See many are called but few are chosen. Why? Because only a few people answer the call and are in a position to receive their purpose. There was no way I could achieve wealth with my 9-5 job, period. I don’t want to get caught up with why because that’s a different blog. Just know I had been in the same industry for 7 years and was still Just Over Broke. I had to make a switch. The switch was uncomfortable, scary, nerve-racking, plain out hard, but necessary.

During my research, I learned that the wealthy usually had two things in common. One, they start businesses because they can scale their income in a way they never could at a job, and two, what they did with that income.

We'll focus on number one today. I learned that there are so many benefits to starting a business that would really change the game for a lot of Americans if they understood them. However building wealth wasn't just about starting any business, because businesses fail all the time. It was about starting a business in a HIGH-INCOME FIELD. I learned that you have to get paid really well for what you do and the reason why 90% of Americans can't build wealth is that they just aren't paid enough to cover expenses and invest in themselves. When you get in a high-income field it obviously allows you to do more!

The problem for me was that I didn't have a high-income skill.

Now I knew I had the desire to teach what I was learning but I wasn't necessarily looking when I was approached about getting into the Financial Services Field. Trust me, if you had asked me when I was 23 if this is what I would be doing I would have absolutely said HECK NO! Really because I had the wrong perception! I had no idea that Life Insurance Agents could one help people with their money nor that they got paid EXTREMELY well to do so.

Looking further into the industry I found this industry is actually one that makes the most millionaires.

"Knowledge is only power when you put action with it."

It didn't matter how much I learned about money, finances, wealth, or business if I never opened myself to try something new. I was always open to opportunities but it wasn't about being open to any opportunity it had to be the right one that made sense! Even though I saw myself one way when I was younger I had to realize my dreams of acting were so prevalent because I thought that was the only way I could have the lifestyle I desired. I had to be open to the fact that God had a different plan.

The Lord had already opened the door for me to walk into Entrepreneurship. In 2017 I lost my job when I was six months pregnant. My husband and I decided to start a business together for the vision God gave him but it wasn't until October 2018 that The Lord presented the right opportunity for me to accomplish my calling. I was approached about a Broker Training program in the financial services industry. I was open, but a little skeptical and apprehensive because of all of the scams out there. However, I remembered I had already been studying this information and the philosophy the company taught was the one I believed in. I stepped out on faith Bossettes. It was pure faith. Faith so big I called another company that I had an upcoming 2nd interview with and told them I accepted another position. Nothing was guaranteed, not hourly pay, not a thriving business, nothing but the OPPORTUNITY to make it what I wanted.

Well I answered the call and I stepped into position and today 19 months later I am a Financial Services Broker! God has really blown my mind with this one! Not only am I able to make an income I would never have been able to make in corporate America but I am able to help others make the right decisions with their finances and help them grow their money as I am!

The struggle is real but so is the glow up!

I want to encourage anyone who is tired of the J.O.B (just over broke) lifestyle to consider repositioning themselves as an entrepreneur in a high-income field. We can pray for God to bless us and change our situation but until we take a step and get in the right position things will most likely stay the same. Now listen, your position may be different from someone else's, or your position could be where I was in the beginning, staying still and learning about the goodness of Jesus. However, we need to be open when its time for that position to change.

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